Ready Made Dinners Using 3D Food Printers

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"Ready Made Dinners, Now using 3D Food Printers to create your Meals"

Can you imagine if one day, this was written on the first page of the Anchorage Daily News?


Very unlikely, at least that’s what Chef Alex has recently posted – 3D Food printer

“Is interesting, Makers of 3D food printers are claiming that this technology will end world hunger and food waste. As noble as this idea might be, the truth is… there is plenty of food in the planet to end world hunger. If we take away human greed, then everyone in this planet would have plenty to eat. God has created a perfect system where Mother Nature provides enough food for 3 times the planet population. Another concern I would have with this technology is, the nutrients provided with 3D food and a new generation that does not know how to cook and there for not been able to appreciate a Delicious Meal, you take away the process of making a meal and you soon end up with a lazy generation, eating cyber space food.

That’s why I think Ready Made Dinners is really the new way of cooking, is like having your own private chef, you are still in charge of the cooking process, we just take away the tedious work of prepping a meal, same as with the 3D Food Printer which by the way you still have to cook the food.

For people that like the Idea of just pushing a button and having a meal ready, they would like Ready Made Dinners Ordering Process, they can place an order through our website and with the click of a button a Healthy Delicious Meal will be Ready, made with real ingredients, no preservatives, no added colorings or chemicals and we use as much Organic products as possible. In the future We might look at 3D Printers to form chocolate or something similar, but for your Dinners you can alway count, that there will be a real chef preparing your meals.

At Ready Made Dinners, It’s like having your own private chef ” – Chef Alex


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