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    Turkey Dinner We've designed a dinner that will allow you to enjoy time with your family with out the stress ...
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    It's like having your Own Private Chef! Shop over 14 Different Gourmet Meals Every Month. We use a special Flash-frozen technique ...
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Dinner has Never Been This Easy Before!

Kids Learning how to Cook with Chef Alex

By Shawna in Interviews With Alaskans Featured on In a world where Growing Number of Americans Don’t Have The Time or Know How to Cook as a New Survey Reveals 53% of adults don’t believe they can cook as well as their mothers or grandmothers and 57% of young adults are eating fast food at least […]

Ready Made Dinners Using 3D Food Printers

“Ready Made Dinners, Now using 3D Food Printers to create your Meals” Can you imagine if one day, this was written on the first page of the Anchorage Daily News?   Very unlikely, at least that’s what Chef Alex has recently posted – “Is interesting, Makers of 3D food printers are claiming that this technology will end […]